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Ollie chasing down James Sleigh
This was the final round of the season and the course and jump were in great condition creating a memorable event.
Renny Miles

Renny showed his usual style over the weekend winning the 14-172 dh and taking a close 2nd in the freestyle

Chris Mcarthy with a 'cheeky' barrel roll

Chris rode extremely well all weekend placing 2nd in dh and winning freestyle in the 14-17s
Tim jones

Tim getting in on the inverted action with a front flip.

Ollie 180 stalefish

Ollie 180'ing his way to a good 3rd place in the under 14's freestyle
Renny again

He flys so high!

Jack 360ing
Jack one both of the events in the under 14's after nailing his 360's
Josh 360 stalefish

Josh gained a great 3rd in the dh but unfortunately had his board stolen that night so was riding someone elses in the freestyle

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